S1 E6 of Around Town Carroll County with Don Rowe & O’Ryan Case of The Arc Carroll County in Westminster, Maryland

Around Town Carroll County - The Arc with Don Rowe and O'Ryan Case

S1 E6 Synopsis:

Today we’re talking with Don Rowe and O’Ryan Case of ARC of Carroll County. We find out what makes their mission so special and how they are able to support a significant number of individuals with special needs. The Arc of Carroll County is a special non-profit in this area doing wonderful things.

01:40 – Guest Bragging Rights

02:50 – What is The Arc of Carroll County, and how did the non-profit come to exist?

05:05 – O’Ryan’s role at The Arc.

05:50 – O’Ryan shared why he joined The Arc, as an individual with cerebral palsy.

06:40 – Who The Arc serves.

07:30 – The Arcs’ focus: Innovation – Integrity – Respect – Quality – Caring

08:40 – What is the CARF Accreditation? (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities)

11:25 – The Arc hosts 2 annual fundraising events: Awards Dinner & Golf Tournament

13:00 – The Arc’s relationship with similar organizations in the community, like Target.

14:00 – A small town with huge community support.

15:30 – Don Rowe is a graduate of the McDaniel’s Masters through Target.

16:40 – Adam’s and Don’s experience with Target clients.

17:55 – Don asks client about their 3 goals… having a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, moving out of parents house, and getting a job.

18:40 – “The world worries about disabilities more than disabled people do.”

19:40 – “A life like yours.”

20:15 – Adam mentions Nick Santonastasso: “The only disability in the world is a bad mindset.”

21:10 – Don mentions Leslie Simmons at Carroll Hospital and the program they started for students with disabilities (Te@ch Program / Transition Education Program at Carroll Hospital). And how a single student has deeply impacted their organization.

22:05 – Adam mentions commentary from Jesse Ventura as a lead in to helping individuals with disabilities becoming contributing members of society. And learning what support goes away when one fo these individuals lands a good job.

23:45 – Recommendations on how to start your own non-profit.

24:45 – How did COVID impact The Arc?

26:00 – Setting up a new Day Program to help keep clients connected during COVID.

27:35 – Brining community back together during the pandemic.

28:00 – The community reaching out to make sure The Arc was OK.

29:45 – How The Arc is changing the perception of disabled individuals.

32:25 – Adam mentions Miles “Smiles” Taylor.

35:10 – Looking for community partners and volunteers to give their clients career and experience opportunities, like Exploration Commons.

37:00 – Volunteers helping with mock-interviews.

37:20 – Lyndi McNulty and Rob Shellhamer partnering on donated & volunteer framing project.

38:35 – Why Carroll County, MD?

43:45 – Carroll County has a gravitational pull that always pulls you back.

45:00 – O’Ryan shares how he ended up in Carroll County.

46:20 – Don shares how he ended up in Carroll County.

47:20 – What do you see for The Arc’s future?

48:30 – If you need The Arc’s services (or similar)… Don shares several organizations to check out (listed below in references).

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