S1 E4 of Around Town Carroll County with Steve Aquino of Aquino Financial Group in Westminster, Maryland

Around Town Carroll County Season 1 | Steve Aquino of Aquino Financial Group in Westminster, Maryland Interviewed by Adam Stultz | www.AroundTownCC.com

S1 E4 Synopsis:

Today we’re talking with Steve Aquino of Aquino Financial Group, LLC located in Westminster, Maryland. Steve and I discuss the basic principals of investing, insurance and why getting starting in investing sooner rather than later is the best thing you can do for you and your family. Steve is a natural and you’re going to love the energy he brings to Around Town Carroll County.

01:35 – Guest Bragging Rights

02:30 – What is Aquino Financial Group?

02:55 – What sets Aquino apart from other financial firms?

03:30 – What is a fiduciary?

05:00 – Identify, Plan, Communicate, & Focus

06:40 – Tackle debt or saving for retirement first?

07:20 – It’s never too late to start saving (but it’s easier the earlier you start)

08:50 – When do I take social security?

10:00 – How Steve started out on his own. Continuous learning/education.

11:00 – The “I can do it better” mindset.

12:00 – Leadership mindset.

12:10 – You’re gonna make mistakes. Fear & Failure.

13:00 – Always do the right thing.

13:20 – Shifting from the limited mindset.

13:50 – We are lucky to be in a community that supports fellow business owners and helps you grow.

15:10 – The importance of getting out of your comfort zone.

16:15 – Getting over (initial) rejection and building trusting relationships.

17:00 – The things you worry about never end up happening.

18:20 – Getting over a fear of getting what you want. Realize the world is here working for you!

19:00 – The only way you are happy is in the pursuit of something.

19:40 – Recognize opportunity. Pursue the right goals.

20:45 – Can I work with Steve Aquino? Aquino has no minimum dollar requirements.

21:45 – Kids being involved in family investment knowledge.

22:50 – If you start investing fresh out of college, the exponential return is huge.

25:25 – An investment is long-term.

26:00 – Steve Aquino bought the building! Put your dreams and goals out into the world.

28:00 – Set periodic goals and break it down into baby steps.

28:50 – As an independent agency, Aquino can find the right fit for each client.

31:00 – Formal education vs. self-initiated education and experience.

32:20 – Figuring out what you and your family need to plan your (new) business goals.

33:25 – Aquino will guest speak and host small workshops to teams and groups.

34:30 – Long-term care planning & protections.

36:40 – Insurances to protect what you’ve built.

37:30 – Aquino’s 3-Bucket Approach: #1 Emergency Fund (unexpected bills and every-day hurdles), #2 Mid-Term Savings Goals (new car, big vacation, 2nd home, etc.), #3 Long-Term Investments (retirement goals).

41:40 – Why work with Aquino Financial Group? And what is NAIFA? (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors)

43:05 – Holding clients accountable. Constant communication. Constant education. Constant family.

44:45 – Seeing plans set 25 years ago coming to fruition today.

46:10 – Lessons for others setting out on their own (Faith, Family, & Community).

49:30 – You’ll always have a knot in your stomach working for yourself.

50:40 – It’s gonna be slow at first, then the floodgates open.

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