S1 E3 of Around Town Carroll County with Tim & Donnie Chiaruttini of No Anchovies Pizza in Taneytown, Maryland

Around Town Carroll County with Donnie & Tim of No Anchovies Pizza in Taneytown, Maryland

S1 E3 Synopsis:

On today’s episode we visit No Anchovies in Taneytown, Maryland and talk with it’s owner and manager, Tim & Donnie Chiaruttini. Tim has been a staple of the community for over 30 years and he shares his wisdom on how to make it in a small town and why the community is the life blood of your business. Be sure to check out No Anchovies online at http://www.noanchoviesusa.com and please remember, It’s Not Just Pizza… It’s No Anchovies.

01:45 – Guest Bragging Rights

02:10 – What is No Anchovies

03:30 – Key to succeeding in a small town

04:50 – How Taneytown has changed

06:00 – How No Anchovies markets to the community (mostly word of mouth)

07:00 – Customer loyalty monopolizing the No Anchovies pizza market

07:50 – Competition is not a bad thing, it’s an opportunity to stand out

08:05 – Have you considered franchising?

09:30 – Stay small, stay happy

10:10 – What are other Taneytown businesses doing right?

11:40 – What Tim did before No Anchovies and how did the pizza shop come along?

13:15 – How No Anchovies was funded

14:00 – Having faith in yourself and your idea

15:10 – Passing the business on to the next generation

16:25 – Adam was let go from No Anchovies

16:55 – The group derails to talk about their favorite pizzas and toppings

17:35 – What would you tell someone looking to start their own pizza shop?

18:55 – If you own your own business, you have to show up

19:25 – Managing a young team, kids just entering the workforce

22:00 – Specialty pizzas and appetizers (prepare to drool)

26:30 – Experimenting with flavors and new delicious concoctions

30:00 – How Tim answers the phone

30:15 – How many orders / pizzas has No Anchovies sold? (OVER 1-MILLION!!!)

31:15 – The ROI impact of Adam Stultz’s promo video created for No Anchovies

32:50 – Overcoming the tough times

34:50 – Money smarts, avoiding debt, and low overhead

35:35 – A business model unscathed by COVID

37:20 – You don’t need money or connections, you just need desire and a will to succeed

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Thank You to our Season 1 Sponsor:

We would like to extend our thanks to Tim Chiaruttini of No Anchovies for his belief in us and what we are trying to accomplish with Around Town Carroll County. No Anchovies, home of Taneytown’s best pizza, wings, and salads… teachers of the lost art of pizza-foo… and creators of the all new poppin’ jalapeño sticks. Give No Anchovies a call today at 410-756-6625, or check out their website at www.noanchoviesusa.com. And remember, it’s not just pizza, it’s No Anchovies!