S1 E2 of Around Town Carroll County with Nick Kellar & Greg Brock of Atlas Premier Realty in Westminster, Maryland

Around Town Carroll County with Nick Kellar & Greg Brock of Atlas Premier Realty

S1 E2 Synopsis:

Today we’re talking with Greg Brock & Nick Kellar of Atlas Premier Realty. This episode is packed full of motivation and quotations. Just don’t ask Adam to give you a Jay Samit quote, which by the way, Adam leans away from after this episode, lol. Greg and Nick are full of wisdom and have had a lot of success following their mentors and believing in what they’re doing as a business. If you’re having a down day, this episode will get you to where you need to be. There are plenty of laughs and lots to learn.

01:45 – Guest Bragging Rights

02:45 – What is Atlas Premier Realty

04:30 – Earn wealth to give back

07:15 – Atlas Premier Realty’s values and mission in action

08:00 – Serving on the board of local organizations

09:30 – How are Atlas Real Estate Agents unique in a saturated market

12:30 – Growth from failure

13:30 – Philosophy at Atlas Premier Realty

17:00 – Freedom of working from home

19:00 – How technology is changing jobs, and real estate specifically

20:45 – Personal improvement / personal enrichment

27:00 – Emotional control

30:15 – Why invest in Carroll County, MD

35:45 – Shoutout to Atlas Intern Colin Hartieb and other young hustlers

38:30 – Universal energy and gratitude

42:45 – Preparing to leap into your passion and setting realistic expectations

48:30 – Closing

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