S1 E1 of Around Town Carroll County with Zach Tomlin of Tomlin Technology in Westminster, Maryland

S1 E1 Synopsis:

In this show we hear all about how Zach started Tomlin Technology with only $300 in the bank, during a depression, after quitting his job and a kid on the way. It’s inspiring to hear, with all the chips stacked against him, how Zach’s belief in himself has propelled him to where he is today.

02:25 – What is Tomlin Technology

09:00 – Be sure you are providing value

15:00 – Don’t die beneath your potential

19:15 – Love for Carroll County

24:30 – How tech has changed what you can do

29:00 – You can’t do it on you own

32:00 – No Anchovies Commercial Break

33:30 – Mid Maryland Workforce Development Commission

35:50 – Zach’s hopes for running for office

40:20 – Create something of your own

44:10 – Believe in yourself

46:30 – Where to find Tomlin Technology

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