S1 – 1 Week till Debut Teaser for Around Town CC

Around Town – 1 Week until the debut teaser

Meet Adam & Kelly the people responsible for Around Town Carroll County

Teaser Synopsis:

Hello, I’m Kelly Heck, Director of Photography…Photographer, Web Master and general support for Around Town Carroll County.

And I’m Adam Stultz, Creator, Producer, Editor and Host of Around Town.  We’re here today because in just one week, we are going to be launching the first episode of our show, featuring  the wonderful Zach Tomlin of Tomlin Technology.

We really hope this show brings you some laughs, inspiration and most importantly motivation to go share your gift with the world and live your own dream.

This whole show is being pulled off by just the two of us.  We’ve also never really done this before, so no doubt, you will see some growing pains as we progress through the episodes.

Things like me forgetting my quotes…

Mics in people’s faces…

Me looking a little rough…

Oh, and our personal favorite, forgetting to hit record.

The point is, we are giving our very best to bring you a show all of Carroll County can feel proud of. It is tough though being just the two of us.  That’s where support from people like you, really comes into play.  We are running out of hard drive space because each episode filmed takes up 1tb of space.  We also need some new equipment to make our productions better and most importantly, we would LOVE to hire some help.

We’ve already had some major donations from two of our guests so far and we’d like to take a moment and thank Steve Aquino of Aquino Financial Group and Don Rowe of The Arc Carroll County.  Your donations are greatly appreciated and help us to continue our dream of providing positive entertainment.

You can learn more about Aquino Financial Group at aquinofg.com  and please learn more about The Arc Carroll County at arccarroll.org

If you too would like to donate to our cause, you can do so on our website at aroundtowncc.com and click on any of the donate buttons.  Or if you would like to support the podcast side of our endeavor, you can make small monthly donations at anchor.fm/aroundtowncc/support and thank you so much in advance for your belief in us.

And before we go, we have one surprise announcement.  After June 1st and our first episode with Tomlin Technology. We are actually going to be releasing these shows, weekly.  Yes… weekly until the first 10 episodes of Season one are live..  Why? We’re not really sure.  It’s A LOT. But we’re just too excited and want to share what we have with you as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone for your support, to our guests, present and future, and most importantly to you our listeners.  We intend to bring a ton of value to you as you subscribe, follow and listen on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Google Podcast and hosts of many more platforms.  Be sure to check out our web page at aroundtowncc.com and we’ll see you on June 1st.