S1 E8 of Around Town Carroll County with Ben & Brynn of Fiddler’s Green Farm in Taneytown, Maryland

S1 E8 Synopsis: Today we’re speaking with BenJamin A While and Brynn Brynn Seaton of Fiddlers Green Farm LLC in Taneytown, Maryland. Fiddlers Green is a farm dedicated to not only organic farming but also regenerative farming. They are also only 1 of 2 organically certified hemp growers in the State of Maryland. They didn’t know what they were getting into nor did they know where it would take them but one things for sure, they love running their own … Read More

S1 E7 of Around Town Carroll County with Dean Brady of GranitePro LLC in Eldersburg, Maryland

S1 E7 Synopsis: Today we’re talking with Dean Brady of GranitePro LLC located in Eldersburg, Maryland. Dean started his company when he was only 26 and has a lot to offer as far as how to start a business and more importantly grow one. Come join us in their beautiful showroom as Dean and I discuss the branding, marketing, manners, and pure hustle. References Mentioned: GranitePro: https://graniteproremodeling.com/ Thank You to our Season 1 Sponsor: We would like to extend our … Read More

S1 E6 of Around Town Carroll County with Don Rowe & O’Ryan Case of The Arc Carroll County in Westminster, Maryland

S1 E6 Synopsis: Today we’re talking with Don Rowe and O’Ryan Case of ARC of Carroll County. We find out what makes their mission so special and how they are able to support a significant number of individuals with special needs. The Arc of Carroll County is a special non-profit in this area doing wonderful things. 01:40 – Guest Bragging Rights 02:50 – What is The Arc of Carroll County, and how did the non-profit come to exist? 05:05 – … Read More

S1 E5 of Around Town Carroll County with Terry Smack of Terry’s Tag & Title in Westminster, Maryland

S1 E5 Synopsis: Today we’re talking with Terry Smack of Terry’s Tag and Title Service, LLC in Westminster, Maryland. This woman is AMAZING! From overcoming domestic abuse to surviving 18 months without a paycheck when she opened her doors, Terry has been through it all and is a shining example of perseverance. Nothing comes easy in life and it may take a while to find your calling, but as Terry explains, it’s never too late and you too can still … Read More

S1 E4 of Around Town Carroll County with Steve Aquino of Aquino Financial Group in Westminster, Maryland

S1 E4 Synopsis: Today we’re talking with Steve Aquino of Aquino Financial Group, LLC located in Westminster, Maryland. Steve and I discuss the basic principals of investing, insurance and why getting starting in investing sooner rather than later is the best thing you can do for you and your family. Steve is a natural and you’re going to love the energy he brings to Around Town Carroll County. 01:35 – Guest Bragging Rights 02:30 – What is Aquino Financial Group? … Read More

S1 E3 of Around Town Carroll County with Tim & Donnie Chiaruttini of No Anchovies Pizza in Taneytown, Maryland

S1 E3 Synopsis: On today’s episode we visit No Anchovies in Taneytown, Maryland and talk with it’s owner and manager, Tim & Donnie Chiaruttini. Tim has been a staple of the community for over 30 years and he shares his wisdom on how to make it in a small town and why the community is the life blood of your business. Be sure to check out No Anchovies online at http://www.noanchoviesusa.com and please remember, It’s Not Just Pizza… It’s No … Read More

S1 E2 of Around Town Carroll County with Nick Kellar & Greg Brock of Atlas Premier Realty in Westminster, Maryland

S1 E2 Synopsis: Today we’re talking with Greg Brock & Nick Kellar of Atlas Premier Realty. This episode is packed full of motivation and quotations. Just don’t ask Adam to give you a Jay Samit quote, which by the way, Adam leans away from after this episode, lol. Greg and Nick are full of wisdom and have had a lot of success following their mentors and believing in what they’re doing as a business. If you’re having a down day, … Read More

S1 E1 of Around Town Carroll County with Zach Tomlin of Tomlin Technology in Westminster, Maryland

S1 E1 Synopsis: In this show we hear all about how Zach started Tomlin Technology with only $300 in the bank, during a depression, after quitting his job and a kid on the way. It’s inspiring to hear, with all the chips stacked against him, how Zach’s belief in himself has propelled him to where he is today. 02:25 – What is Tomlin Technology 09:00 – Be sure you are providing value 15:00 – Don’t die beneath your potential 19:15 … Read More

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